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Our Goal

The goal of Adventures in Leadership is to work with young adults to help them develop leadership skills and reinforce civic responsibility and teamwork. Young people can become better leaders in their organizations and communities, as well as citizens of character. We work with students in high school and college, providing them with the confidence and strategies they need to overcome challenges as they shape their life course. Given our diverse world, we also teach cross-cultural communication to help participants prosper in an increasingly interconnected environment.

Training and Leadership

Participants not only learn leadership theory, but actually put lessons learned into practice through a series of outdoor exercises modeled after - but not limited to - leadership courses taught at West Point and the Army.

How We Teach

Our program places participants in challenging situations, including timed land navigation exercises and obstacle courses, so that each member can learn how to work under pressure, make quick decisions, and work as a team. Each participant will need to contribute in order to successfully complete the task.

Prior to any exercise, instructors will facilitate a discussion on leadership that is directly related to the pending task. Students will then be placed into teams and will select the leaders for that particular exercise. Participants will have the chance to develop plans and articulate strategies to other team members so that they gain experience in communicating their ideas and building teams. Leadership roles will be routinely changed so that all participants have the opportunity to experience both leadership and followership.

Upon completion of the task, instructors will facilitate a discussion in which the participant leaders of each team will provide a self-evaluation, followed by feedback from instructors and peers. Each task will also have a lesson on character development and ethics. Team members will have the opportunity to state what they learned and what they might have done had they been in charge. This review process will help each person learn and grow as leaders.

Finally, there will be discussions and lectures on real life situations and historical figures. Program participants can learn from those examples and apply lessons learned to take on the challenges they will face in their lives. For example, they will learn how George Washington faced many failures as a military leader before finally overcoming those failures to be recognized as one of our nation’s finest leaders.

We offer a week-long summer program for young adults, as well as a variety of sessions for business professionals. Take advantage of one-hour speaking sessions, one-day or two-day seminars, and a trip to the Brazilian Amazon!