Michigan Hiking and History Adventure

Join us July 8th - July 12th for an exciting new event!

Adventures in Leadership is teaming with 40-year veteran teacher, best selling author, and world traveler Rufus McGaugh for a unique trek through Michigan's scenic and historic landscape!

You will learn some very interesting facts about Michigan history, particularly as it pertains to the war of 1812. We will also see amazing scenery.

We will also teach you some unique outdoor survival skills as taught to our elite military units!

Please join us for this exciting trip! For more details on how to register, email us: tom@adventuresnleadership.com. Registration will close June 16, 12pm (EST) .

This is a camping experience for middle school and high school aged boys and will require a signed permission slip from a parent. A recommendation letter from a teacher will make you more competitive for the program. We will be providing you with these forms. The hiking is light to moderate. We will provide for the tents, transportation, outdoor cooking gear, and food. A suggested packing list will be sent to you once you register. A self-report camp health form will need to be completed by students and parents prior to the trip! Parents are welcome to join the camp as participants or chaperones. Family participation is encouraged!

We will also have details on our Facebook Adventures in Leadership page

We have added a second opportunity for girls only to join! The Monday July 29th to August 2nd program will include Ms. Coyle, our awesome female instructor, who was also a student of Rufus's and also traveling the world!


1Who is this program for?
This is for kids who will be starting middle school or high school. This is also for families who want to get involved in a child-parents bonding experience and you can sign up as a parent-child team. We are looking for an elite group of students and parents who are committed to civic responsibility, have a curiosity about history, are goal-oriented, and display the highest character. We are also looking for students who are curious about world events and have the ideal of being interested in making the world a better place.
2What does this program entail?
This program is a five-day hike. Pike up and drop off will be at Brownell Middle School at Grosse Pointe. We will travel to various locations. Campsites will be our base of operation as we hike through some wonderful Michigan scenery and visit significant historical landmarks. We will be eating camping rations and sleeping outdoors. Students will be expected to bring tents with them. This is an austere environment and there will not be any significant luxuries.
3Do I need a signed permission slip from my parents and teacher?
Only one parent’s permission is required, but a teacher recommendation will make you much more competitive.
4Can I attend if I have any allergies or special needs?
Please contact us directly so we can have a phone conversation and discuss this in more detail. We will be in an austere environment and though we would have vehicles to various locations, most of our movement throughout the day will be by foot. Certain allergies that require medication will need to be kept by an adult instructor and will be dispensed if necessary per the prescription. Self-reported health forms will be required prior to the trip. Again, please contact to discuss specifics to make sure your child is the right fit.
5Do I have to interview for this program?
Yes. This is an opportunity to ensure that you child is the right fit for our program. It also gives your parents an opportunity to ask us any questions directly. A win-win situation.
6What will I need to bring with me for the trip?
We will be providing you with a checklist. Typical things you would need for an outdoor expedition include a backpack to carry change of clothes. We will have no access to laundry facilities. We recommend personal toiletries to include toilet paper and a sleeping bag.

The program will provide all the cooking wear. Good walking shoes, sunscreen, good water bottle, towel, hat, insect repellent,and of course any appropriate medications you may need. We recommend bringing some money for food. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided to you. However, if you would like to purchase food during our stops to convenient stores, we recommend bringing some money with you.
7What can I expect during the interview process?
We see the interviews as an opportunity to get to know you better! We will be asking you about your extracurricular activities and why you want to be part of this program. Mr. Coyle and the other instructors are also interested in knowing what you hope to get out of the program. What are you long-term goals? We may also ask other questions as they come along. Please plan for thirty minutes for the interview and please come prepared with any questions you would like to ask us.
8Will there be any swimming involved?
No. However, towels are recommended for shower and other things.
9What kind of first aid will be available?
Both Rufus and Tom are military veterans. Tom has been trained in emergency medical techniques. We will have first aid kits available. We will also be checking in with the park rangers periodically at the various stops and will have their direct line in case of emergencies that require anything beyond a first aid kit, in the event that happens.
10If my child has issues with autism or ADHD, can they still participate?
Again, the best thing to do is contact us so we can discuss your child’s situation on a case-by-case basis. We encourage an interview over Skype or zoom with you and the child, so we can decide whether or not this is going to be a right fit. One thing about this program to consider is that since we will be traveling throughout Northern Michigan, it may not be possible to send a child back swiftly if things are not working out for them. We encourage parent’s participation as well.
11Why is the first week of July 8th to July 12th for boys only?
Our female instructor and chaperone, Ms. Erin Coyle, is not available during the week of July 8 - 12, 2019, so we have added another week to permit girls to sign up to the program. However, if you sign up as a family, your daughter will be able to attend on July 8 - 12, 2019. We just want to have a responsible female available in case a situation arises where one may be needed.
12Will parents be able to keep track of their children during the trip?
Yes! We will be creating a social media account to track our journey and also allow parents to see what the students are up to daily. We will also provide cell numbers of the instructors in the case parents need to get a hold of their child.


Special Offer Price Only $497!

Find out more at www.adventuresnleadership.com or email tom@adventuresnleadership.com and PayPal email address is tcoyle1@gmail.com