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I loved Adventures In Leadership! I used talents I never knew I had with the hands-on activities. The whole experience was fun and rewarding for me.


I would recommend this program to anyone. Adventures In Leadership unveils your own traits as a leader while you engage in all kinds of exciting activities. I will never forget AIL!

Leadership Training

Mentally and physically apply your leadership skills in our week-long summer program. You'll develop your character, make great friends, and learn what it really takes to be a true leader. View our schedule to learn more.

Challenging Situations

You'll enjoy working under pressure to boost your leadership skills, as well as communicating with your fellow team members to effectively complete your assigned exercise. You won't believe the rush you get when you realize you just accomplished something you never thought you could! Program includes one day at the Edge; a premier hands-on team-building program affiliated with George Mason University.

Historical Discussions

Aside from the physical tasks you'll be asked to accomplish, you'll also delve into the lives of famous historical figures like George Washington. Program includes one day with the Mount Vernon-based leadership development team learning leadership lessons from George Washington. The struggles of these leaders will teach you that you are able to accomplish your goals, even if you have to face a few obstacles along the way. The advice you take away from our discussions and lectures will stay with you for a lifetime. Program will end with a daylong field trip to Gettysburg!

Students will also have the opportunity to visit the Motley Fool, a local Virginia company, to understand the importance of creating a positive culture for their teams.